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        Magic Mirror LED Light Box
        Crystal frame Mirror led light box with four films
        Item NO.:        Class: Magic Mirror LED Light Box


        1.High technology LED magic mirror sensor light box, noble and fashionable, infrared rays induction, 100-240V AC, 12V DC

        2.Infrared rays induction, One model has two purposes: In normal times, it's a LED advertising light box, but when you access to the light box, it's become a mirror, Incarnate novelty and convenient.

        3.Frame design depend on your request.

        4.Appears to be a panel or picture frame rather than a box on the wall.

        5.Clear frame, as fine as crystal, smooth, even, with a brilliant, natural light spread.

        6.LED optical-panel used for a great even illumination.

        7.Easy to change and install graphic.

        8.Can be mounted or hung on the wall.

        Aluminium Frame Magic Mirror LED Light Box With one Film
        Item NO.:        Class: Magic Mirror LED Light Box


         1. Ultra-thin and vogue, only 28mm thickness.

        2. the timer mirror light box is available for 4 films, 6 films, 8 films
        3. The frame is transmutation-resistant, high weatherability
        4. Use high quality LED light source and screen, eyes are not easy to tired,
        5. Over 90% uniformity makes the screen display bright and clean
        6. Energy saving
        7. Longer life-span than the traditional Light Box

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