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      1. PRODUCTS

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        Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series

        Item NO.: LZ-CSA-1    Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


        Wall mounted hanging way

        1.We can offer widest range of super slim/ultra thin advertising/decorative acrylic/crystal display light boxes.

        2.Use high quality  led light source

        3.Top quality optical light guide panel is used for even illumination

        4.With finger slots, easy to change poster by sliding the picture

        5.Easy to change graphics and install, wall mounted or can be placed on desk or hanged on the ceiling.

        6. Various kinds of light guide panel for you to choose,Engraving,Printing and Nano-LGP

        7. All the power adapter approved by CE,UL.


        Xiamen Luz Opto-Electronic Technologies Co.,LTD. Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang'an Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

        Tel:+86-592-7880300 / 7880310 Fax:+86-592-7880301 Email:luz@luzopto.com

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