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      1. PRODUCTS

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        Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series

        Item NO.: LZ-CSB-5    Class: Indoor Crystal LED Light Box Series


        Popular for window display or wall display, real estate agents, chain stores, etc.

        Double sided or single sided window display for ceiling hanging

        With finger slots, easy to change poster by sliding the picture

        super slim only 8-10mm thick led window display

        LED edge lit, super bright with light well-distributed for window advertising

        Clear frame, as fine as crystal, smooth, even, with a brilliant, natural light spread.Easy to change and install graphic

        Adapter with certifications of GS, UL,SA, CE, PES,SAA.

        2 year warranty for led window display




        Frame   size:292mmX379mm

        Graphic size:210mmX297mm

        Visible size:202mmX289mm

        Frame size:379mmX502mm
        Graphic size:297mmX420mm
        Visible size:289mmX412mm

        Xiamen Luz Opto-Electronic Technologies Co.,LTD. Address: West 201,No.22 XiangYue Road, Xiang'an Industrial Park I, Xiamen,FuJian,China

        Tel:+86-592-7880300 / 7880310 Fax:+86-592-7880301 Email:luz@luzopto.com

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